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A Culture Of Outdoor Innovation

Slow Down. Breathe. Enjoy.

There is nothing quite like sitting around with a cold one in hand, enjoying the open air with your loved one close by, fire crackling in the background, watching the warm African sun sinking on the horizon.  

As you breathe in and revel in the cool breeze bringing relief to the heat of the day, you indulge in the silence (broken by the noise of Africa’s nightlife awakening). This is the moment you realise why you work so hard.  These are the moments you work for.  These are the moments that matter.  These are the moments that make your life wonderful. 

These are the moments, we at Firefly, love to create.  We create lifestyle appliances that complement the “relaxation moments” in life.  We create a culture of outdoor living.

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South Africans love MEAT! There’s nothing like the taste of a steak or a lamb chop on the braai. Even for those who claim to have the most refined palate, nothing beaks a delicious braai.

Bringing Style To Your Outdoor Experience

Firefly offer bespoke braais and bomas designed for the outdoor enthusiast.